Emerson College Sports Medicine

Emerson College Sports Medicine is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care for all of our student-athletes and strive to maintain the utmost level of integrity according to NCAA standards and bylaws. In order to retain these standards, we ask that both parents and student-athletes read the following medical requirements carefully in order to participate in varsity athletics at Emerson College.



Completion of each step is MANDATORY and all forms MUST be turned into the Sports Medicine staff by August 1st via:

E-mail: athletictraining@emerson.edu


Mailing Address: 

Emerson College

Attn: Sports Medicine

120 Boylston St. 

Boston, MA 02116


* - Prior to filling out these forms, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe. In addition, please remember to SAVE the PDF with any changes prior to e-mailing it to the sports medicine staff.


1.)  Medical history Form: This provides the sports medicine staff with relevant information about the student-athletes medical history and any issues that may arise from their participation in varsity athletics.

- New students/transfers:  MUST complete a comprehensive medical history packet. This packet is approximately 20 pages long and will take some time to complete. Packets for NEW students are available here and can be mailed or emailed to the sports medicine staff.

- Returners: MUST complete an updated medical packet detailing their medical history over the last 12 months.   

* Packets for returning students are available here and can be submitted anytime before August 1st.



2.)  Physical form: The pre-participation physical needs to be performed by a licensed healthcare provider, who will deem if the student is physically able to participate in athletics. Physical forms from doctor's offices may or may not have all the appropriate testing performed. It is advised that the Emerson College pre-participation physical form be used to avoid conflict.

- New students/transfers NEED to have a completed physical performed within 6 months of the start of their sport. (Non-traditional season included)

- For returners, physicals NEED to have been completed within the last 12 months.

 *To download this form, please click here.


We will NOT accept ANY letters from doctors clearing athletes for participation a form showing a medical exam has been completed is required. Please be sure that the doctor completes the form in full.


3.)  Proof of Insurance: A photocopy (front AND back) MUST be turned in with the medical packets and physical forms. This is required for BOTH returning athletes and new students.

- If you are enrolled in the Emerson College student insurance plan you do not have to send a copy of your card, as we are able to access them online.


4.)  Sickle Cell Status (new students/transfers ONLY): In January 2013, the NCAA passed legislation requiring sickle cell trait testing for all incoming student-athletes beginning in the fall of 2013.

  1. All new student athletes and transfers will have to show either proof of sickle cell testing/status or sign a waiver indicating your choice to not be made aware of your sickle cell status.
  • If you have proof of testing and status please complete the following form and submit to the sports medicine staff: 

Sickle Cell Status Form 

  • If you do not have proof of testing/status and wish to sign the wavier please watch the following videos and review the educational information:                                                         

Sickle Cell Video #1 

Sickle Cell Video #2   

Sickel Cell Information Sheet 

  • Once you have completed the required educational components please submit the following wavier to the sports medicine staff: 

Sickle Cell Waiver Form 




5.)  ADD/ADHD Medication exception form: This form is ONLY required if you are currently taking a stimulate based medication for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Examples include but are not limited to: Addrell and Ritalin

- Information regarding the NCAA policy on ADD/ADHD medication can be found here:

ADD/ADHD Medication Information

- All student athletes taking a banned medication must complete the following form:

ADD/ADHD Banned Medication Form