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Emerson College Sports Medicine

Emerson College Sports Medicine is comprised of three full time certified athletic trainers. The staff is medically supervised by the Emerson College Team Physician, from Boston Medical Center Family Medicine Department, and whom oversees the care of the student-athletes and makes any necessary referrals. As a staff, we will coordinate expert health care services for the 14 varsity sports teams at Emerson College.

Emerson College Sports Medicine will create a comfortable caring environment within the facility by ensuring that each staff member maintains a pleasant, caring, and professional attitude. We will respect the dignity of each individual student-athlete and recognize the differences in gender, race, and cultural background. We strive to provide a positive healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life and a safe return to full athletic participation. The staff will be cognizant of the "total athlete" including the student-athlete's emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Our main priority is the health and safety of the student-athlete and therefore we will strive to return the student-athlete to activity in the shortest, but safest amount of time possible. We will insure that each athlete has the best possible opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in a physically healthy environment. We will achieve this through prevention, recognition, evaluation, immediate care, patient education, rehabilitation/reconditioning of athletic injuries, and health care administration/ professional development. We will deliver the latest and most comprehensive healthcare to our patients in accordance with the laws of the state of Massachusetts, the NATA code of ethics and standards of practice. This includes maintaining the confidentiality of both written and verbal information obtained from the athlete.

Medical Paperwork Requirements

All athletic paperwork required to participate in a Emerson College intercollegiate sport is completed and submitted through the SportsWare website

Please refer to the following link for instructions on first-time user registration (School ID: emersonlions)


Requirements for ALL student-athletes

  • Personal Information (insurance card uploaded in this section) under My Info
  • Health History under Med History
  • Sickle Cell Waiver under Forms (or submission of Sickle Cell Trait Test Documentation Form) (Signed electronically in SportsWare)
  • Concussion Acknowledgement under Forms (Signed electronically in SportsWare)
  • Consent and Waiver under Forms (Signed electronically in SportsWare)
  • Physical Examination performed within 1 year for returning student-athletes and within 6 months for new/transfer student-athletes.

Additional Information

If you currently take prescription medication for ADHD, the ADHD Prescription Medication Documentation Form must be completed by a medical professional (Form can be found on main Athlete Portal page on SportsWare) 

**Paperwork that is printed and filled out by a medical professional (Sickle Cell Trait Test Documentation Form, ADHD Prescription Medication Documentation Form, and Physical Examination Form) must be uploaded into Sportsware to the Attachment section under Forms=

DO NOT email, mail, or fax over completed paperwork.  If there are issues with uploading paperwork to the SportsWare site, Please contact athletic trainer, Kristin McKenney at 617-824-3242 or
Please note that regardless of whether you are a fall, winter or spring athlete all forms are due by August 1st!

Physical Exam Form (Click Here)

Additional Sports Medicine Information/Documents

Excess Sports Accident Insurance Policy

Emerson College Athletics purchases a policy with Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk (Gallagher Student) to help cover school-sponsored inter-collegiate athletic-related medical expenses. The purpose of the "excess insurance" policy it is to limit student-athletes from incurring excessive expenses due to athletic related accidents and injuries. For an injury to be covered under this policy each student-athlete is responsible for reporting their injury to the athletic training staff. The athletic training staff will then determine a course of treatment and if outside medical treatment is necessary to treat the injury (as a result of participation in an Emerson athletic competition/practice) then an accident claim form will be submitted to Gallagher Student Health.

The policy is designed to cover most expenses beyond your primary insurance coverage for school-sponsored athletic related accidents and injuries, up to charges of 100% Usual & Customary. There is a $500 deductible required by the policy meaning that, any intercollegiate sports injury medical charges, from $500-$90,000, not covered by your primary insurance, and shown as the student athlete's responsibility on the primary EOB, are eligible to be paid by the excess insurance policy, up to 100% Usual & Customary.

For further details and explanations regarding the excess insurance policy please review the FAQ sheet below.

FAQ Document