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2017-18 Emerson Women's Cross Country Roster

Hometown/High School Major
Cristina Ashbaugh full bio Cristina Ashbaugh Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: San Mateo, CA / Aragon High School Major: Political Communications
Martha Connolly full bio Martha Connolly Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: Nashua, NH / Nashua High School South Major: Studio TV Production
Sara Crocco full bio Sara Crocco Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: St. Augustine, FL / St. Augustine High School Major: WLP
Nina DeSilva full bio Nina DeSilva Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: Edwardsville, PA / Wyoming Valey West High School Major:  
Natalie Kenney full bio Natalie Kenney Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Samantha Lopez full bio Samantha Lopez Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Madison Lynch full bio Madison Lynch Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Jessica Mann full bio Jessica Mann Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Athol, MA / Athol High School Major: Communication Studies
Emily McNeiece full bio Emily McNeiece Cl.: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Narragansett, RI / - Major:  
Jeannette Mooney full bio Jeannette Mooney Cl.: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Waterford, CT / Waterford Major: Writing, Literature and Publishing
Hallie Parrot full bio Hallie Parrot Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Allison Playdon full bio Allison Playdon Cl.: Sophomore Hometown/High School: - / - Major:  
Chelsea Swift full bio Chelsea Swift Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: New York City, NY / Choate Rosemary Hall Major: Journalism